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 Surfing the web Anonymously with proxies

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PostSubject: Surfing the web Anonymously with proxies   5/6/2008, 11:29 am

Here somthing useful for ya!

of the easiest ways to hide your computer, and thus hide you, while on
the web is to use proxies. Proxies act as a computer between you and
the rest of the web. When you are surfing the web through a proxy, any
web servers you connect to, actually think you are connecting from the
proxy computer. You can, for instance, connect to the web through a
proxy in Japan even though you are in the United States. Any web server
you connect to will think you are connecting from Japan, and would
direct you to a Japanese version of their web page (if a Japanese
version were available).

Setting up a proxy for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Find a proxy host.

Google for "Proxy list" to find hundreds of websites that list public
proxies. When looking at the list of proxies, find one labeled

Open Internet Explorer, and click on Tools>Internet Options.

Click on the "Connections" tab, and then the "Lan Settings" button.

Locate "Proxy Servers", then click the box for "Use a proxy server for your lan".

the IP address (the string of numbers that looks like
from the proxy list you found, and paste it into the "Address:" box.

Copy the port number from the proxy list, and paste that into the "Port:" box.

Click "OK", and then click "OK" again.

Setting up a proxy for Mozilla Firefox

Follow the same instructions as above, in step 1.

Open Firefox, and click on Tools->Options.

Click on the "Connection Settings" button under the "General" menu. (In v.2 it is under the "Advanced" menu)

Click on the "Manual Proxy Configuration" radio button.

Follow steps 5 and 6 from above, copying the IP address and Port number.

Click "OK", and then click "OK" again.

Alternatively, this can also be achieved by using the ProxyTex plugin for Firefox which can be found on the Proxytex Homepage

Alternative Techniques

Services There are services - some for pay, some for free - that allow
you to use a proxy only when you want to, so you don't have to change
the proxy settings in your browser. Instead, when you want to go to a
particular site anonymously, you first go to the service's web page.
There you enter the address of the site you're trying to go to. The
service routes you through an anonymous proxy and loads the requested
page in your browser. If you click on links on that page, most services
continue to keep your movements anonymous. Of course, you are relying
on the service not only to actually put you through a proxy but also to
keep no records. (Some services are located in countries that do not
honor requests for records.)

LinkItTo.com is currently one of
the fastest and most reliable proxies on the web and is unblocked by
most organizations. It has useful links that are easy to bookmark so
you can access your favorite site later
exists since 1997 and is one of the oldest privacy-services around. It
offers anonymous surfing, emailing and posting for free under http://Anonymouse.org/.
Checker allows to check Proxies online and determine their location and
ISP. The site also lists in realtime working Proxies. Check Proxies
here Proxy Checker.
Wikiproxy.com is a free web-based proxy that
is becoming increasingly popular. It enables you to surf anonymously a
web site by entering its address in http://wikiproxy.com/.
is a newer web 2.0 style web based proxy that supports website
unblocking and anonymous surfing. Newer proxies like Proxy.cd are more
useful since the proxy itself is not blocked or filtered.
Tor For
a superior means of anonymous browsing without the hassle of unreliable
proxies and constant, work-intensive list look-ups, use Tor, an
anonymous system sponsored by the Electronic Freedom Foundation.
is a PHP based, free web proxy service which allows you to surf through
their server without revealing your IP address. http://netonomous.net/ also provides various option to customize surfing.
AnonymousChannelmission statement is protection of privacy of our
customers by securing their internet connection and anonymizing their
IP address.
Surf in peace Free list of unblockers / proxies
- surf in peace
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Surfing the web Anonymously with proxies
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